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Organic Body Scrub Exfoliants- Best Body Scrubs

                                                     Best Body Scrubs - Coconut Oil Facial Scrub

Effective organic beautyskin care treatments should include regular body scrubbing exfoliation.Our natural body scrubs use volcanic ash or pumice to exfoliate dead skin cells while our Virgin Coconut Oil and organic Cocoa Butter simultaneously soften and moisturize your skin. Organic beauty skin care treatments always start with body scrubbing and if you use self tanners then a body scrub is essential. Put simply, a body scrub is a skin care product whose primary function is to remove dead skin cells through exfoliation as well as cleanse the skin and increase the body's blood circulation. Sometimes a body scrub is referred to as a body exfoliant, body gloss or body polish. The exfoliating component needs to be abrasive enough to achieve this but not too strong so as not to damage healthy skin. Body scrub makes the skin look fresh and rejuvenated, makes skin look more youthful, moisturizes the skin, and improved self-tanning


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Volcanic Earth® Volcanic Butt Buffer™(Body Scrub). Exfoliating skin condition...

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Volcanic Earth® Honey & Pumice Exfoliant™ Micro-fine volcanic pumice powder a...

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Volcanic Earth® Peppermint Pumice Foot Scrub™This organic foot scrub with vol...

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Volcanic Earth® Coconut Ash Scrub™ - Body Scrub. Protect and purify your ski...

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Volcanic Earth® Ash Power™ -Body Scrub - Sandalwood For MenThese organic Body...

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Volcanic Earth®Active Ash™ (Body Scrub - Frangipani For Women)Active Ash - vo...

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